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Hi my sweet readers,

Happy New Year.

This month I had the best time ever. All these Christmas and New Year parties made me drunk without drinking. Fun was everywhere and every moment.

First we were at Homiwo’s office party. Everybody was drunk. They danced on the top of the tables. They laughed, they hugged each other and they had lots of fun.
Then we went to Homiwo’s parents for Christmas Eve. Her mother prepared an incredible dinner. The sparkle of crystal glasses with the colors and fragrances of flowers made a magical environment. You can’t imagine the amount of the food on the table. There was no need to eat and to drink, just to watch was enough to feel full.

After the dinner everyone exchanged gifts. My gift was, to be in a place full of love and joy with amazing colors. 
Later we went to the handsome neighbor (by the way I have decided to give him a name “GOBİ”.)  Homiwo was drunk with the drinks but I was drunk with the environment.

Gobi’s place looked very different. The candle lights were dancing on the wall with harmony and joy. There were 365 candles in the room. Each candle was for a day that we spent last year and each individual candle was a proof of whatever we thought was small and insignificant, in total made such a big difference. These candles remind me a story that my grandfather shared with me a long time ago.

“There was a planet far away from ours which was lightened by the creatures that lived there. Unfortunately everybody believed that the light of their planet was coming from another planet. This belief was very old and very strong.
No one was aware that there was a rhythm in everything.

They believe that they woke up because of the daylight; however the light was there because they were awake. Likewise, when they were tired, their light was fading and it was getting dark; however they could not notice that also- they thought they were tired because of the dark… 

Their organisms needed to sleep to renew themselves so they could spread their light. They were the source of light.
Their planet and its nature had the same rhythm however; this was about the temperature and not the light. The temperature used to go down when the nature renew itself. The weather would get cold, then the people got tired easily, and they slept more (their light needed to be recharged). However, they believed that cold days were darker.

Unfortunately, they created an artificial rhythm which affected their health. They also played with the rhythm of nature to increase the capacity of plants, which damaged the products they produced and they called this ‘disease’. They had lots of drugs for the sick people and the sick nature.

As a result, the life on the planet became self destructive.”

My grandfather always says” Be respectful to everyone around you. Don’t play with any rhythm. Sometimes you cannot be aware of your power, always remember lots of small things makes one big thing.”

I wish you colorful, cheerful days (that you will be aware of) for the New Year.
I love you so much,


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